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Network Management

Chapter 5 Homework
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  1. Pins are set differently
  2. Data Terminal Equipment, and Data Circuit Terminating Equipment.
  3. When connecting a Serial connector of a computer to the module serial connector.
  4. That it works if the network is down.
  5. A Hub is a multiport repeater, and a Switch is a multiport bridge.
  6. The community string is a field in SNMP packets that is used as a password for communication between Management Stations and Management Agents.
  7. Write Managers are those given the privilege to set MIB values on the switch.
  8. Static Address: MAC destination address that will remain stored in a switch address table
  9. a. Dynamic Address: MAC destination address that will be dropped from an address table in a configured time after storage unless another frame from that source address has been received.
  10. This Dynamic address is the Ethernet address of WS2.
  11. Restricted Dynamic Address: MAC destination address that is associated with a list of ports that may send frames to the restricted address.