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Network Management

Chapter 6 Homework
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  1. In the 1st Layer.
  2. In the 3rd Layer.
  3. Map the variable to the subsystem that has stored the value and returns the value to SNMP.
  4. To give variables to the SNMP process.
  5. Store’s MIB Variables.
  6. Variables are ( VariableID) and (Variable Value ) to identify associated values that identifies a specific failure that may be provided.
  7. 7 Commands
  8. Purpose of Traps is to inform the Management Station of events that may require action by a network manager.
  9. MIB has an Object Identifier that defines it’s location in the tree.
  10. It contains 10 objects
  11. Command returns, The Object Identifier or sysObjectID.0, because sysObjectID.0 is the next object in the lexicographical order that has a value.
  12. With a Community Name that is an SNMP "password".
  13. SNMP process extracts the MIB variable and passes it to the appropriate Agent Process.
  14. Is the ipRoute NextHop instance in the third row.