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Network Management

Network Management Packages

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Here are some of the Network Management tools specially designed for Network Engineers :
  • The SolarWinds Network Management tools are designed for the serious Networking Engineers.  The Engineer's Edition, contains 40 integrated tools. Tools like IP Network Browser, IP address management, several tools designed specifically for Cisco networks and Cisco Devices as well as generic SNMP discovery utilities,  Network Address Recovery, DNS Audit, Network Monitor and Network Sonar. 
  • NetScanTools Pro 2005 is a set of internet network management tools. You can operate it in both an Automated Research mode or as individual tools. Use it to determine ownership of IP addresses, translate IP addresses to hostnames, scan networks, port scan target computers for services, test firewalls, listen to packet communications, find DHCP servers, determine ownership of domains, communicate with SNMP enabled devices, list the computers in a domain and much much more.
  • Distinct Network Monitor is a packet sniffing and network protocol analyzer software that translates complex protocol negotiation into natural language, pinpointing where errors occurred. Network Monitor also captures network traffic statistics for the segment being monitored and provides a graphical representation of the statistics gathered. Remote Agents also available.